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Today, the Ohio state House of Representatives passed Substitute House Bill 228 by a vote of 59 – 21.  It now heads to Governor John Kasich’s desk for his signature.  While the legislation was amended, Sub. HB 228 still contains important self-defense protections for the Second Amendment and Ohio’s gun owners.  It is important that you please contact Gov. Kasich and urge him to sign HB 228 into law.

Among the many changes included in Sub. House Bill 228 are:  

  • Placing the burden of disproving a self-defense claim on the prosecution, similar to how it is in every other state in the country
  • Critical expansion of preemption to ensure that localities do not create a patch work of gun laws throughout Ohio
  • Language updates to mirror federal law that affects certain types of firearms, such as the Mossberg Shockwave
  • Clarifies Ohio’s signage law in regards to concealed carry.  These important changes simplify what has become a complicated portion of Ohio law

Again, please contact Gov. Kasich and strongly urge him to sign Substitute House Bill 228 into law.