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(Source: Arkansas State University System)(Source: Arkansas State University System)

A state law involving concealed carry on college campuses around the state is about to take effect and officials with Arkansas State University have finished their policy on the issue. 

According to a three-page policy posted on the university’s website, the law will take effect Sept. 1 but it will likely be 2018 before an enhanced concealed carry permit is issued in the state. 

It will also be January 2018 before weapons instructors are certified to teach enhanced training, A-State officials said. 

The policy deals with the enhanced concealed carry rules and who can bring concealed weapons on campus. 

A person who is already licensed to carry a concealed handgun and who has completed enhanced training from the Arkansas State Police will be allowed to carry a concealed weapon. Also, faculty and staff who receive the enhanced training can also carry weapons on campus. 

However, a person who is licensed to possess a concealed handgun in buildings and on the grounds of the campus cannot: 

  • Act in the course of or scope of their employment when carrying or using the handgun. 
  • Be entitled to workers’ compensation for injuries arising from his or her own negligent acts in possession or using a concealed handgun. 
  • Be immune from personal liability with respect to possession or use of a concealed handgun. 
  • Be permitted to carry a concealed weapon openly or in any other manner in which the concealed handgun is visible to ordinary observation. 

Also, the policy prohibits the carrying of a concealed weapon in the following places: 

  • A posted firearms-sensitive area, like a collegiate athletic event. 
  • Certain grievance and disciplinary meetings conducted in accordance with university procedures. 
  • A public school, K-12, pre-kindergarten or daycare facility.
  • Private educational institutions, like the NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine. 
  • Centennial Bank Stadium.
  • Cooper Alumni Center
  • Fowler Center
  • Pavilion
  • Tomlinson Stadium. 

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